The High Art of Beef Steak Preparation - Andre’s Steakhouse in Naples

Andre's Steakhouse Naples

Each evening, as dusk arrives in America, connoisseurs of the high art of beef steak preparation trek to their favorite local steakhouse to take part in a time-honed tradition.  They’re escorted to spacious tables, fine vintages are uncorked, and prime cuts of steak are prepared to their exacting standards.  Somewhere between the tasty char of seared meat, the thought provoking complexity of big red wines, and the joviality of fellow diners — the night becomes a pleasant blur, a memory to be looked back upon fondly, an experience begging to be repeated.  Nowhere does the phrase “Eat, drink, and be merry” hold more sway than within the walls of a celebrated steakhouse.

Variations on the steakhouse theme run the gamut, from slick national chains to atmospheric landmarks of local note… but if you’re making your choice based solely on the quality of the steak, then you’ll surely end up at the Original Andre’s Steakhouse of Naples, Florida.  This isn’t one of those ostentatious and uber-atmospheric steakhouses that are all style and no substance. The emphasis at Andre’s is on the cuisine.  When visiting Andre’s Steakhouse, you can expect the dining room to be warm and inviting, the service staff to be experienced and unobtrusive, and the owner to be dressed in his signature Bermuda shorts.  “People want to see me in my shorts,” states Cottoloni.  “I never wear long pants.  This is Florida and I refuse to get dressed up.  I run a casual place and people can visit my restaurant dressed in comfortable clothes.“ 

But don’t let the dress code fool you…this is a serious restaurant serving serious food.

Fresh salads with artisan bacon, shrimp, and Gorgonzola cheese.  Gargantuan jumbo lump crab meat cocktails doused with a light olive oil and citrus dressing.  Wedge salads.  Marinated herring with onions.  Jumbo stone crab claws.  Lobster tails.  And the steak…velvety and fork-tender Filet Mignon.  Flavorful, dry-aged New York Strips.  Or enjoy the best of both worlds with a Porterhouse Steak available in sizes accommodating two, three, and even an unheard of four people!  There’s nothing like the moment the kitchen door opens and steaks, flash seared at high temperatures and finished off in the broiler, are presented to your table on an audibly sizzling platter.

The award-winning wine list at Andre’s Steakhouse impresses with its well-balanced inclusion of domestic and old world vintages - all at price points encouraging a purchase.

And just wait until you get your chance to peruse the dessert tray, a sinful array of decadent indulgence certain to tempt even the most disciplined of sweet tooths.

Additional Information:

The Original Andre’s Steakhouse
2800 Tamiami Trail N
Naples, FL  34103

239 263 5851

Hours 5-9 PM, 7 Days a week
Closed Sundays May 15th to October 15th
Reservations Suggested

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— photography and advertorial writing by Eric Taubert

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