Lush Food and Wine in Fort Myers

Lush Restaurant in Fort Myers

Located on McGregor Boulevard at Cypress Square in Fort Myers is where you'll find Lush Food and Wine -- local celebrity Chef, Shannon Yates, latest venture.

The dining areas are dimly lit with edgy, eye-candy art exploding off all the walls.  The creativity inherent in the restaurant design follows all the way through onto a wine list which is an organic and evolving work of inspired creation itself.  The truly global selection forces notable California gems to bump shoulders and dance with Spanish, French, Australian, Argentinian, Italian and South African partners -- all reasonably priced, and with no shortage of stimulating by-the-glass offerings.

Lush Fort Myers Restaurant Review

But Lush isn't just another wine and cocktail stop.  Bold food holds its own against the crisp, refreshing whites and big chewy reds.  The tapas selections are as colorful as they are flavorful, with bright and pronounced sauces, unique presentations, unexpected garnishes, nuclear taste and texture combinations, and familiar favorites -- all blending into a vivid food-dream unlike any you've recently had.

Do you have a bigger appetite?  Lush has your hunger covered, too, with oven-fresh flat-breads, garden fresh salads, a wide selection of steaks and enough full dinner entrees to meet and exceed the expectations of a mixed crowd of gourmets and fine dining connoisseurs.

Night on the town?  Get your friends together and take up residence beneath the giant banyan tree in the outside seating area as he music pulses from inside the restaurant, and the full moon overhead reflects off palm fronds in the dark, an atmospheric reminder of why you love Southwest Florida nightlife.

Well done, Lush.

And readers, if you visit, ask for Tim...he'll get you taken care of

-- video, photography and writing by Eric Taubert

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