Cooking Classes at Roy's Restaurant in Bonita Springs

Roy's Cooking Classes Bonita Springs

Every month, Roy’s Restaurant in Bonita Springs holds cooking class dinners where cutting edge and classic culinary techniques are demonstrated against the backdrop of mood lighting, clinking wine glasses and Hawaiian-inspired art.

Watch our Video Feature of Roy's Bonita Springs Cooking Classes by pressing play below:

Roy’s Chef-Partner, Jason Grasty, placed the unique and rich flavors of his New Orleans training front and center for a recent cooking class.

The first course offered was a lesson in Oysters Rockefeller with Garlic Cream Spinach and a Pernod Buerre Blanc.  As the oysters were shucked and the scents of butter and garlic filled the air, Chef Jason shared the storied history of this iconic dish.

Oysters Rockefeller was created in 1899 by Jules Alciatore at Antoine’s, a landmark New Orleans French Quarter restaurant.  Because of the rich sauce, the dish was named after John D. Rockefeller -- the richest American at the time.  The oysters were added to the recipe as a cost cutting measure during a shortage and price hike affecting the French snails they were replacing.  Although many restaurants serve some form of Oysters Rockefeller, the original recipe is a closely guarded family secret which has never been revealed.

The main course was Veal Acadian - tender, sauteed veal medallions topped with a festive amount of jumbo lump crab meat finished with a mustard dill bechamel.

The preparation of this dish prompted a quick discussion primer on the five mother sauces: bechamel, veloute, espagnoule, hollandaise and tomato sauce.

After each preparation demonstration by the Chef, exact replicas of the recipes were delivered from Roy’s kitchen to each participant in the class for their dining pleasure.

Dessert was a Brennan’s-inspired Banana Foster’s Cheesecake with a Cinammon Brown Sugar Rum Sauce.

Each step in the creation of this decadent recipe of divine inspiration was created in detail by Chef Jason - including the impressive flammable flair cinnamon makes possible.  A true crowd pleaser.

Foodies across Southwest Florida are sure to enjoy the monthly cooking classes at Roy’s Restaurant in Bonita Springs.  Each class is a demonstration of recipes composed from locally sourced ingredients and conveys a wealth of practical cooking strategies designed to optimize the future kitchen successes of everyone in attendance.

Give them a call for their schedule at 239-498-7697 for their schedule - and don’t forget to tell Chef Jason that Eric Taubert sent you!

-- video, photography and writing by Eric Taubert

Visit Roy's Restaurant in Bonita Springs online at:

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