Bonita Springs - Lansdowne Street

Lansdowne Street - Bonita Springs

Almost everyone from Massachusetts knows Lansdowne Street is the road running behind Fenway Park.

Bonita Springs now has its own Lansdowne Street.  And while it's not located just a few footsteps from the legendary home of the Boston Red Sox, it sure feels like it from inside.

Lansdowne Street - Bonita Springs - Front Door

Located inside the Bernwood Design Centre, near the corner of Old 41 Road and US 41, Lansdowne Street is a new restaurant and pub that recreates the experience of sitting in a Boston Bar.  Modeled after the well-known Beacon Hill watering hole, The Sevens, Lansdowne Street oozes gritty Northeast charm.  The interior is all brick and rich, dark wood.  At one end of the establishment, there is a Green Monster scoreboard and an "old-school" dartboard.  At the other end, there is an antique stained-glass window from a Cambridge church and a working fireplace.  Between it all there is a veritable museum of Red Sox memoribilia,  lots of flat-screen TV's tuned to New England sports, and a stately bar serving over 48 different types of beer.  Some of the stand-out brews are Lefthand Brewery's Milk Stout, Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, and the hard-to-find-in-Florida Boston-Favorite - Harpoon IPA.

Inside Lansdowne Street

The food Lansdowne Street serves is lighter-style pub fare.  Their menu revolves around the concept of gourmet sandwiches.  They've got everything from vegetarian panini offerings to fully decked out grinders.  All of Lansdowne Street's signature sandwiches are named after well-traveled Boston roads...The Mass Pike, Newbury Street, Yawkey Way.  They've also got a full selections of salads, chili, clam chowder, Boston baked beans, and a not-to-be-missed lobster roll.

Owned and Operated by the Maurer Family

Juke box music blares from the corner.  Live music passes through on occasion.

"On St. Patricks Day, we had a block party outside with a tent set up.  We had an industrial-sized grill set up, live music...the bartenders were pouring green Pabst Blue Ribbon," says Lansdowne Street proprietor, Michael Maurer.  "Thousands of people showed up, you could barely move through the crowd, it was incredible."

Old-School Dartboard

The Red Sox and Celtics games play.  Northern accents litter the air.  Shouts and applause erupt as David Ortiz hits one out of the park.  Here is a place where you can watch the games the way they do in Boston…with a Fenway-style crowd of like-minded fans cheering on the team.  Lansdowne Street in Bonita Springs is "The Red Sox Nation's Southernmost Outpost".  Don't you think you should pay it a visit?

Visit Lansdowne Street's website by Clicking Here!

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