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Audibel Hearing Center of Naples - A World Of Sounds

Audibel Naples

We live in a world of sounds.

Bird song wakes us from our slumber with a series of melodic chirps and whistles. Palm fronds dance in a dry rustle as a soughing breeze blusters through. Thunder rumbles in the distance. Motorized vehicles growl, accelerating into the night. Crashing waves seethe and hiss, pulling at the shore. Your cell phone emits a shrill ringtone. A voice at the other end murmurs a question in a gravelly rasp. Talking heads on the television mouth important news updates in formal tones. The radio emits a soothing, familiar tune. Children giggle and scream at playtime. Your loved one shares a hushed, whispered secret.

Together, all of these noises and utterances color the moments of our lives with substance and texture. Our sense of hearing allows us to communicate and make sense of the reality around us.

Yet, hearing impairment is a highly common condition. Recent studies have revealed that over fifteen percent of American adults suffer from significant hearing loss.

Richard Amon is the owner of Audibel Hearing Centers in Collier County Florida with offices in Naples and Marco Island. He is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences and a member of the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals as well as the International Hearing Society. When it comes to hearing loss treatment in Southwest Florida, Amon is on the front line.

“Hearing loss, most often, is something that gradually develops over the course of 25 to 30 years,” Amon explains. “Eventually the hearing loss can restrict your ability to interact with others and process vital information. It adversely affects your quality of life through misunderstandings, stress, and isolation.

But there is good news. With today’s advanced digital technology, the majority of hearing losses are treatable. In fact, 95 percent of all losses can be successfully treated. Here at Audibel, we offer the very finest hearing technology available. Our state-of-the-art products can treat a broad spectrum of types and degrees of hearing loss.

The sooner you treat impending hearing loss, the better the results you are going to attain.

Let me assure you, these aren’t your grandfather’s hearing aids. Your untreated hearing loss is far more noticeable than today’s discrete, digital hearing aids. Technology has come a long way. Our most advanced modern digital hearing aids are designed to constantly analyze the sounds of various environments and automatically select the appropriate programming mode for specific situations. They feature data logging capabilities which allow us to fine tune them to suit your individual day-to-day environments. Over the course of a few visits to our office, we will make the appropriate adjustments to provide you with the most natural hearing experience modern science has to offer.”

— writing by Eric Taubert


Additional Information:

Audibel Hearing Center of Naples

3347 Tamiami Trail North

Naples, FL 34103


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