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Roy's in Bonita Springs Celebrates 10 Years with Food and Art

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant - Bonita Springs

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant at the Promenade shone brightly on the culinary landscape of Southwest Florida last night as they celebrated their tenth year of continuous service in Bonita Springs.

Namesake celebrity chef, Roy Yamaguchi, made the pilgrimage from Hawaii to commemorate the anniversary.  Yamaguchi joined Chef-Partner, Wade Lowe, and guest chef, David Abella, in the open-air kitchen to help prepare the four-course 10th Anniversary Wine Dinner for a crowd of over 250 guests.
Priced at $65.00, the meal was an incredible value.

"We know the economy isn't where everyone wants it to be right now," stated Chef Partner Wade Lowe, "So, we wanted to create a fantastic meal at a price people would feel good about."

The first course was comprised of "Ono Kind" Hawaiian Summer Rolls.  These were translucent rice-paper rolls filled with shrimp, seasonal Asian vegetables and Thai basil.  The plate was finished with a plum peanut dipping sauce.  This course was paired with a Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay.

The second course was a Vietnamese Pho-style Noodle Soup.  Chicken stock, beef stock, Asian aromatics, lime, bok choy, glass noodles, and delicate lobster dumplings joined forces in this unforgettable union of warm ingredients on a cold Florida night.  The sweet notes of the paired Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling coupled nicely with the flavors of the soup.

The main course included pork loin braised in a red wine Thai curry.  The slow cooked pork was redolent of exotic ingredients.  It was also tender, juicy, and immensely flavorful.  The pork was accompanied by three scallion pancakes.  A Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot held its own against the spicy pork entree.

The dessert course featured a unique guava, mango, and strawberry tart finished with an oatmeal streusel topping and a side of Hawaiian vanilla bean ice cream.  Paired up with a cup of Roy's Kona blend coffee, the night came to a satisfying close.

Managing Partner, Sondra Hon, had her front of the house staff in stellar form last night.  Service was personable and efficient, another top shelf performance from this ridiculously consistent restaurant.

Founding Chef, Roy Yamaguchi, also played the role of gracious host throughout the evening.  In between his cooking duties, he found time to personally visit each table and thank his fiercely loyal guests for ten years of continued patronage.

The night also included the unveiling of a new original painting by Cape Coral artist, Charlene Taubert, which now graces the wall above the sushi bar.  It is an image of a Hawaiian beach with a single woman drinking champagne and pondering the ocean.  Ten flowers are in bloom on the ground where the woman stands, one for each year Roy's Hawaiian Fusion has been open for business in Bonita Springs.  A single unopened bud represents strong hopes for the coming year.

If Roy's continues offering the same level of food and service this community has grown to love them for over the past decade, I venture to state that one closed bud will probably open into the most glorious blossom of all...and many more will surely follow.

--writing and photography by Eric Taubert

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