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What if the BP Oil Spill Hits Sanibel Island, Florida?

BP Oil Spill hits Sanibel

Instructional Preface:  If you're going to read this, read the entire article - and remember, these descriptions of Sanibel are not actually occurring - this is a "what if" scenario. Sanibel's beaches are currently pristine and oil-free.

Today the first major evidence of the BP oil spill is washing up on the Sanibel Island shoreline. Thick, viscous, black, syrup coats the piles of shells at the high tide line. Sanibel's normal color pallet of summer-bleached white's, tans, and pastels remains hidden beneath slick obsidian sheen. The Gulf of Mexico waters are no longer shaded in tropical blues and greens. The water offshore is a murky stew, churning and seething; an ocean of ink excessively punctuated with bubbles of black mucous shining in rainbow iridescence each time the relentless Florida sun finds a break in the clouds.

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The Passion of Design - an Interview with Georgina Ryan of Ryan Design Group

Georgina Ryan

We spend all our lives moving from one space to the next. We wake up in a bedroom. Eat breakfast in a kitchen. Shower in a bathroom. Watch the morning news in a living area. Work in an office. Shop at a store. Return home. Start over again. Navigating spaces, over and over. It’s a lifelong cycle.

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Hogfish from Matlacha Pass

Hogfish from Matlacha Pass

Hogfish (also called Hog Snapper) is a well-kept secret, the "Cadillac" of the local fresh-fish scene, a true South-Florida delicacy.  It is considered by many serious seafood aficionados to be one of the tastiest of all reef fish. 

Hogfish is highly-prized for its firm, alabaster flesh which flakes apart nicely.  The flavor is mild with subtle sweet undertones.  Although many purists would maintain it should only be prepared pan-seared with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, Hogfish is a very versatile fish and works well baked, grilled, marinated, or smothered in a tasty sauce.

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Images of America - Cape Coral

Images of America - Cape Coral

There are several books detailing the history of Cape Coral, Florida. However, none of them are as pictorially comprehensive as the recently released Images of America - Cape Coral from Arcadia Publishing. Local journalist, Chris Wadsworth, joins forces with Anne Cull, curator of the Cape Coral Historical Museum, and the end result of their efforts is an attractive and impressively compiled volume deserving of space on any Cape Coral bookshelf.

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Kleme’s Dental Associates - True Family Dentistry

Klemes Family Dental Naples

The phrase “family dentistry” is one we hear quite often, usually in reference to a dental practice which treats patients of all ages. Klemes Dental Associates in Naples, Florida does all that and more, expanding the meaning of “family dentistry” to unexpected and inspiring proportions in the process.

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