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Cape Coral Sunset Cruises

Cape Coral Sunset Cruise

Unforgettable sunsets are one of the premier amenities of living in Southwest Florida. 

People line up just about every evening at some of the local sunset hot-spots to relax and take in the magnificence and unique beauty of this celestial event.  On Fort Myers Beach you'll find laid back crowds claiming space on the pier as live music from the Beach Pierside Grill sets the tone for the festivities.  On Captiva, the destination is always the beach in front of the Mucky Duck with pints of Guinness and clusters of like-minded individuals who love to applaud the successful completion of, yet, another regularly scheduled natural rhythm.  Cape Coral has its own well-organized "Sunset Celebration on the Pier" down at the Yacht Club Basin on the first Wednesday of every month.  There you'll find musicians, food, and craft vendors.

But, there's something about seeing a sunset from the water which adds a whole new dimension of appreciation to this daily occurrence.  Did you know there's a sunset cruise you can board without ever having to leave the Cape?

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Blue Martini Buzz - Naples Mercato

Blue Martini in Naples

If it’s a top shelf night on the town you’re planning, Blue Martini is the be all, end all swanky lounge you’re searching for. Stylishly nestled in Mercato, the posh North Naples shop-till-you-drop hot spot, Blue Martini raises the bar for the local upscale cocktail lounge scene. This place plays to capacity crowds even in the off-season doldrums. Everybody’s talking about Blue Martini, it’s the place to watch and be watched — magnetically attracting a veritable who’s who of Southwest Florida semi-celebrities. So dress your best, and don’t leave home without your swagger…you need to brave the heat and visit Blue Martini before the cool months bring even bigger crowds.

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Audibel Hearing Center of Naples - A World Of Sounds

Audibel Naples

We live in a world of sounds.

Bird song wakes us from our slumber with a series of melodic chirps and whistles. Palm fronds dance in a dry rustle as a soughing breeze blusters through. Thunder rumbles in the distance. Motorized vehicles growl, accelerating into the night. Crashing waves seethe and hiss, pulling at the shore. Your cell phone emits a shrill ringtone. A voice at the other end murmurs a question in a gravelly rasp. Talking heads on the television mouth important news updates in formal tones. The radio emits a soothing, familiar tune. Children giggle and scream at playtime. Your loved one shares a hushed, whispered secret.

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Cecil M. Webb Public Shooting Range

Cecil M Webb Public Shooting Range - Punta Gorda

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

-- The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

Looking for an outpost in Southwest Florida where you can exercise your Second Amendment rights without breaking the bank? Perhaps you should acquaint yourself with the Cecil M. Webb Public Shooting Range in Punta Gorda.

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Concierge Medicine in Naples - Dr. Craig Davis, MD PL

craig davis

Do you ever find yourself feeling shortchanged by modern health care? Have you ever sat in a waiting room for a couple hours, spent six minutes with a doctor who barely knows you and gone home feeling confused? Do you have fond and fuzzy memories of a time when medical care was more personalized? Wouldn’t you love to have a more direct relationship with a doctor who offered you convenient and timely access to the medical services you need?

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