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Kent V. Hasen, M.D. - Personal Approach to Perfection

Kent Hasen

The human form has long been the primary subject matter of artists and poets in their exploration of beauty. The sleek shapes and inviting contours of attractive human faces and bodies surround us all day, every day. Movies, magazines, artwork, advertisements, and even our own communities and places of employment are increasingly populated with eye-catching examples of physical perfection. Sometimes it seems like everyone’s having work done…that’s because many are. Cosmetic surgery has become a truly commonplace option in our culture. Americans have embraced the opportunity to look and feel their very best. But, even though many aesthetic surgery procedures are routinely performed, the decision of which doctor to place your trust in still requires your serious consideration.

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Dr. Patricia Primero - The Smile Fairy Dental Spa - Going the Extra Mile for Smiles

Patricia Primero

The secret to any successful endeavor lies in the willingness to go the extra mile. You need to separate yourself from the pack. Treat the best out there as the starting line for your journey. Begin where the others have left off. Surpass. Exceed. Excel. You’ll be surprised at how little it takes to go further than those who’ve come before you. You’ll be amazed at the results doing just that will create. When you go the extra mile for your clients, you create a situation wherein they’ll begin going the extra mile for you…sometimes, they’ll go even further.

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Thoughts Turned Reality - The Art of Dan Davidson

Dan Davidson

Every so often an artist appears in the most unexpected of places. Outside the rigors of a formal art training. Absent of the “starving artist” and “tortured soul” stereotypes. The urge towards artistic creation is a natural force not easily bridled, unpredictable and capricious. Passion bubbles up to the surface. It cracks through concrete, not to be denied. Art won’t take no for an answer.

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Living the Season - Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Living The Season: Hot Mulled Apple Cider

Apple picking is an autumn tradition for many New England families.  The parents herd all the children into the car and head out across the hills and valleys of winding country roads. 

The apple orchards exude colonial storybook qualities.  Gnarled trees, ripe with fruit, stretch out in a semi-symmetric maze.   Tourists with wooden bushel baskets walk amidst the rickety barns and log fences.  Migrant harvesters with their wheelbarrows and ladders tend to their seasonal employment.  Most often there's a petting zoo on the premises where the children torment innocent farm animals.  Sometimes a hayride pulled by a tractor will serve as the mode of transport to the main picking area.  The journey is bumpy, with rustic scents of mud, falling leaves, and farm animals giving way to fresh air among the apple trees.

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Doug Alderson Weaves a Sanibel Tale

Doug Alderson

October has swept onto Sanibel Island, bringing with it the first cold front of the year and the promise of another tropical Halloween.

Here on the islands, it can be tough to get in the autumnal mood.  Our weather loses some of its humidity, but temperatures stay in the mid-eighties.  The leaves on our trees don't change color and fall.  Tourists and returning snowbirds crowd the stores in flip flops and sweaters and long pants here. 

We've got an autumn of a different kind, one that requires a little effort on our behalf.  Our autumn isn't delivered to us, we need to get out and find it.  Late night scary movies.  Trips to the grocery stores to see the festive produce displays.  Pumpkins and gourds strategically placed around the house.  Or, how about watching the autumn sun go down over the Gulf of Mexico while reading ghost stories among family and friends?

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