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The Up Side of a Down Market - Cape Coral Real Estate

Cape Coral Real Estate

In the midst of great crisis lies great opportunity.

Over the past two years, the Cape Coral/Fort Myers area has shouldered some of the worst economic news in the country. We've consistently been leading the nation in the amount of foreclosed properties. The entire construction industry has been rendered virtually jobless. Businesses relying on the influx of cash the real estate boom was lining the pockets of their customers with have gone belly up. Many homeowners and investors found themselves upside-down in mortgages they couldn't afford, and they've simply walked away from the houses they owned. Renters who pay their landlords on time every month are being evicted because the landlords have been keeping the rent and defaulting on their mortgages, and now the banks are foreclosing. And, now, some Lee County residents are suffering through sulfur-scented homes, failing air conditioners, and possible health risks because unscrupulous companies installed defective Chinese drywall in their homes during the housing boom.

Yet, for anyone who's ever had the dream of buying a home in Southwest Florida...your prayers have been answered. Southwest Florida real estate is trading hands at prices no one would have ever predicted just a few short years ago. Cape Coral and Fort Myers houses and condos are selling at prices this area hasn't seen since the 1990s.

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Roy's in Bonita Springs Celebrates 10 Years with Food and Art

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant - Bonita Springs

Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant at the Promenade shone brightly on the culinary landscape of Southwest Florida last night as they celebrated their tenth year of continuous service in Bonita Springs.

Namesake celebrity chef, Roy Yamaguchi, made the pilgrimage from Hawaii to commemorate the anniversary.  Yamaguchi joined Chef-Partner, Wade Lowe, and guest chef, David Abella, in the open-air kitchen to help prepare the four-course 10th Anniversary Wine Dinner for a crowd of over 250 guests.

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Cape Harbour Vacation Rentals - Cape Coral

Cape Harbour Vacation Condominiums - Cape Coral

At the far southern end of Chiquita Boulevard lies Cape Harbour, the crown jewel of Cape Coral.  Luxury high rises flank a deepwater marina.  Waterfront restaurants serve delectable cuisine.  Boutique shops and colorful art galleries line a Mediterranean-styled promenade.  Cape Harbour is the most centrally-located boater’s paradise in Southwest Florida.

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Get on the Bus - Senator Biden Visits Fort Myers

Senator Joe Biden Fort Myers

"Democracy is not something that you believe in, or something that you hang your hat on. It's something that you do, you participate. Without participation, democracy crumbles and fails. If you participate, you win, and the future is yours."
Abbie Hoffman
US Radical Activist (1936-1989)

No one ever said participating in democracy is easy.  Television and newspaper coverage of political rallies make the experience look accessible, easier than it is.  The cameras record when the crowd and the candidates are already in place.  The candidate makes a statement.  The crowd stands, cheers, chants, and applauds.  The sound bites and images are digitally edited together into a polished and refined 45 second segment, and they play it on the nightly news to keep you entertained between the commercials.

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Sharks on Sanibel Island Beaches

Sharks on Sanibel Island

Selachophobia is the clinical word for it.  The terror induced in the presence of an animal that's existed on this planet for over four-hundred million years.  A cold, sterilized word describing one of the human race's deepest rooted fears...the fear of sharks. 

To most people the image of a large shark awakens an ancient and primal fear, one which evolutionary psychologists theorize is hard-wired into our brains, a gift from our primordial relatives and all their offspring.  During the infancy of our species the fear of sharks worked as an adaptive measure to help keep human beings alive, allowing them to pass on their genes to the next generation.  Those coastal dwellers without a healthy fear of sharks were more apt to die off as victims of shark attacks.  Thus, the fear of sharks was reinforced within the haze of passing centuries, and still exists within many of us today.

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