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PHOTO - Sandy path from the Sanibel beach to the Thistle Lodge at Casa Ybel

Autumn in Florida opens options.  The year wanes and Sanibel Island continues to bloom.

The heat recedes.  No more contorting away from the sunlight in an effort to remain in the few square feet of shade a beach umbrella provides.  No more pushing through the unyielding humidity, sweat stinging the eyes, wondering why I didn't wait until sundown to visit the beach.  No more gazing upon foreign tourists, wondering at their heat thresholds -- how can they remain in direct sunlight so long...just like the flower blossoms, tree leaves and palm fronds.  Why don't they shrivel up and die after a few hours...I surely would.

Finally, escape from the air conditioned boxes I spend so much time locked inside.  Finally, strolling the beach until I reach an inviting sandy path leading towards the unique and welcoming Thistle Lodge at Casa Ybel.  Past the vacation crowd by the tiki bar and pool and onto the back porch of the sately restaurant...a perfect al fresco within earshot and easy sight of the Gulf of Mexico.

-- photography and writing by Eric Taubert

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