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PHOTO - Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses...

As soon as I hit the Sanibel Causeway, I leave the cruel world behind.

Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses.

A quick, conscious effort clears my mind of recent headlines.  Wars.  Crime.  Political upheaval.  Grotesque and grainy images of heinous dictators meeting violent demise.

Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses.

I turn off the radio, shut off the smartphone, roll down the windows and breath deeply of the Island air.  Unplugged.  Undistracted.  Unreachable...except by Sanibel, herself.

Please Keep Off Dune, Asses.

Every once in awhile, on Sanibel, I encounter misplaced members of the brainwashed herd.  "There's nothing to do on this Island."  "Where is the closest McDonalds?"

Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses.

These are the same hurried drivers, who attempt to push me above the speed limit on San-Cap Road, making stressful faces in my rear view mirror.

Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses.

I'm here to let Sanibel dictate the pace, slow me down, break my routines and free me from the autopilot of unconscious rush.

Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses.

My allegiance is with the nature, the tracts of preserved land, and all the people who fight to protect the resources that make Sanibel special.

Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses.

If you don't appreciate the work they've done, and continue to do, just follow the hurricane evacuation signs until you get back to the places you belong.  And, in the future...

Please, Keep Off Dune, Asses.


-- photography and writing by Eric Taubert

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