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PHOTO - Sundown at Island Inn on Sanibel

The successful completion of another day smears blended watercolors across the wide skies and long shadow smudges along the sand and shell-strewn strand.  Mindful couples assemble on beaches marking the passage of time and the turn of our planet away from its solitary star.  Sundown begs to be shared.  No one wants to face the diminishing returns of their remaining days on earth alone...no matter how glorious they may be.  Burn the moments into your memory while you still can - that time is not far off when you'll remember more than you've got left to live.

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PHOTO - Predawn at Island Inn on Sanibel

Minutes before the break of dawn, ambitious opportunists brave the roiling mirror of dim pastel surf searching for early food.  The crisp Sanibel morning air invigorates and revitalizes those disciplined enough to rise and meet it.  The first footprints in the sand.  The first glimmer of dazzling sun breaking the horizon.  The first one to realize how fleeting those magic light and peaceful moments are before they morph into the communal consciousness of mid-morning.

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PHOTO - Colorful Tropical Growth on Sanibel

Alone, in the quietude of a nature path on Sanibel Island, within earshot of the ocean, under the mid-day sun - That's where I met this specimen, suspended in mid-air, shouting loud venomous color against a verdant backdrop of palm thicket.  Amazing, the colors of creation, the shapes of nature, the rare wonder of this chance meeting with a living reminder to live life blossoming ostentatiously - we've only got this once...this precious present moment.

Can anyone identify this for me?

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PHOTO - Dead Tarpon at Sunrise on Sanibel

Tossed up by the night tide, wonders and mysteries await those who leave the first footprints across the Sanibel shoreline at the break of dawn.  Platinum scales and dead tarpon eyes reflect the fiery sunrise, burning with defiant verve against the advancing waves of salty Gulf water and the sparkling cushions of wispy sea foam.  Imagine what those dead eyes have seen.  Revel in what my living eyes are seeing now.  Another glorious now with depth and poignancy to consider, but that's for later.  The job now is just being present...just being...just...

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PHOTO - American Pride Atop the Fishingest Bridge

I pledge allegiance to the flag that allows such a colorful community, as Matlacha, to organically grow out of the Southwest Florida soil and shell fill.  Invigorating, to stand atop this Fishingest Bridge in its final days, awash in passing time and changing ways, bombarded by the aesthetic ugliness of construction, sensing the sound of driven pilings, witnessing the birth of a new bridge, the death of the old, as the salty Gulf wind wilds through my hair.  Not far off, Old Glory, unchanged for years upon years, rides and ripples, thrashing flexibly in the winds of change.

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