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PHOTO - Fresh Fish and Rust in Matlacha on Pine Island

Matlacha on Pine Island is unlike anywhere else on earth.  Fresh fish, gobs of pastel paint and rusting metal -- all rolled up into a modern-day psychedelic hippie fish camp where artists, tourists, bikers, conservationists, historians, musicians, drunks and tourists all compose a colorful melody hummed in the key of life.  Currently, construction has made an open sore of the fishingest bridge in the world...but progress towards the future is a battle constantly being debated and waged in this paradise of vivid contrasts.  Next time you get the urge for altered consciousness, skip the drugs and head up Pine Island Road, instead.

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PHOTO - Woody's Waterside - St. James City

Woody's Waterside in St. James City is a comfortable and laid-back bar and restaurant destination for boaters, bikers, beach bums and casual diners on Pine Island.  Outdoor seating along Monroe Canal, an easy-going menu with plenty of local seafood options, one of the finest selections of quality microbrews in Southwest Florida and a Bloody Mary mix you'll crave enough to keep you coming back.  If you're looking for a South Florida beach bar vibe with all the dive missing, but an endearing Redneck Sensibility intact - Woody's Waterside deserves a priority spot on your shortlist.

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PHOTO - Edison Theater in Downtown Fort Myers

Downtown Fort Myers at the peak of season on a Friday night.  Cobblestones and streetlights.  The smell of propane from flickering lamps rides the breeze.  Small trendy restaurants and bars, tucked into historic buildings, attract small, but lively, crowds comprised of very specific personality types.  The streets are beautiful, well lit and empty.  Art Deco Edison Theater neon buzzes and glows with a luminosity far more generous than its audience...letting you know, without a doubt, you've arrived somewhere that really used to be somewhere.

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PHOTO - Morning Jog on Sanibel Island

The thrill of waking up on Sanibel Island...a reason to get out of bed and meet the sunrise.  A reason to put on sneakers and hit the shoreline, leaving the first footprints on the virgin morning beach heart rate rising, blood circulating, inhaling ocean air -- until the physical exertion results in a natural tingly euphoria.  Yesterdays sand castles, weathered by a single night, blur by as the days first sunrays conquer the horizon and burn through the clouds in perfect pastel shades.

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PHOTO - A Sanibel Island Sunset

A Sanibel sunset on a nearly empty beach.  Time doesn't matter, just colors, the sound of gentle waves, the caress of a shoreline breeze and the scent of salt and blooming flowers in the air.  Mindfulness brings peace, even more so in intrinsically peaceful places.  Do what you can to appreciate the fleeting moments...they're all you have.

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