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PHOTO - Cape Coral Ember Skies

Skies awash with the colors and textures of long burning embers filled the horizon tonight in Cape Coral.  Always amazing, to catch a strange light through the living room window and be drawn by curiosity towards the source.

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PHOTO - Swimming Sanibel in the Off-Season

A bathing suit, a beach towel and a nondescript sun hat...full regalia for a midsummer’s walk from the rental condo to the beach on Sanibel Island.

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PHOTO - A Sanibel Less Seen

Park your car. Get off the main roads where the traffic and tourists are. Take a quick stroll down a side road to a Sanibel less seen. Venture where you haven't gone. Expand your horizons. Acquaint yourself with the hidden corners of this enchanted island. Surprises await you around every shadowed bend. A kaleidoscope of tropical colors so vivid they're almost unreal. Perfumes of flowery nectar riding caressing breezes. Sunlight so pure it illuminates devils and transforms them into angels. If you want adventure, beauty and memories -- you need to go out and collect them. Open yourself to the abundance of wonderment your universe is just waiting for you to claim. Make this moment yours.

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PHOTO - A Sanibel Beach Meditation

Approach the shoreline differently. Ask it to reveal itself. Dazzling pinpoints of reflected sunlight squirm across the undulating surf, enhancing the breaking wave sea foam whites and darkening everything else. Lay down on the sand, close your eyes and become a part of the island. Gulf breezes. The vocabulary of waves meeting the coast. The joyful cacophony of children finally able to burn youthful energy by dousing themselves in salty water. Coconut suntan lotion. Ocean decay. The wind-borne fragrance of flowers in bloom. Relentless sun warming exposed skin. This is my meditation and, for now, nothing else matters.

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PHOTO - Living and Dying on Bowmans Beach, Sanibel Island

How uncommon, to walk across a beach where Nature crowds out human civilization.  On Sanibel Island, intimacy with preserved wildness is never more than a breathtaking beach walk away.  I implore you, leave the public areas rapidly behind and emerge deliberately into the domain of dreamlike communion with nature and the elemental music of breeze and surf.  Clear your mind of trivialities and merge with the moment, sensing, witnessing, breathing, being, fully awake to the strange beauty and vivid colors of your temporary life.

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